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My Theory on the Wonderbolts
Okay, so I came up with a theory for the Wonderbolts (obviously, by the title), so, read on and tell me whatcha think:
In the beginning, back in the old days, the Wonderbolts were a team of Equestria's best flyers that worked for Celestia. They were the main ones to clear the clouds and control the weather rather than the other Cloudsdale Pegasi, but if the Wonderbolts couldn't do it, the Pegasi were supposed to.
Despite the Wonderbolts only controlling the weather, the Pegasi still made it, needing water to be sent to Cloudsdale by a Pegasi-driven tornado. Of course, the Wonderbolts regularly had that taken care of. They were also the ones to fight off any ponies or other creatures that were attacking or threatening anything or anypony.
As a filly, Spitfire, the current leader of the Wonderbolts, was actually a pretty weak flyer, much like Scootaloo is or Fluttershy was as a filly. She was regularly picked on by other foals and Pegasi for being unable to fly, and like Rainbow Dash,
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Dafuq by CrazyCatPerson0 Dafuq :iconcrazycatperson0:CrazyCatPerson0 0 12 Cat Line Drawing by CrazyCatPerson0 Cat Line Drawing :iconcrazycatperson0:CrazyCatPerson0 0 0
Silverpaw's Prophecy - Ch. 1
Dove, Wing, and Tiger must come together, or the shadows will meet a cruel fate.
The light gray she-cat with silvery paws and stripes padded towards the fresh-kill pile at the center of the ThunderClan camp, shaking her head, trying to shake the words out of her mind, but it just kept echoing in her ears over and over again.
Dove, Wing, and Tiger must come together, or the shadows will meet a cruel fate.
After a few moments, she just stopped in her tracks and softly hissed to herself, “Get out of my head!” But to her surprise, one of her Clanmates noticed her trembling and battering herself uneasily. He gave her a strange look before hesitantly questioning her problem.
“Uh, you alright, Silverpaw?”
“Huh? Oh, h-hi, Brackenfur! I-I’m fine, just…fine.”
The warrior gently flicked his tail-tip across the clearly troubled apprentice’s ear and sat beside her, meowing, “I don’t believe that. No apprentice regularly looks so…off.”
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Lostpaw of ShadowClan by CrazyCatPerson0 Lostpaw of ShadowClan :iconcrazycatperson0:CrazyCatPerson0 2 0 Spotty of RiverClan by CrazyCatPerson0 Spotty of RiverClan :iconcrazycatperson0:CrazyCatPerson0 2 2


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Hey, guys! For once, I'm actually writing a journal for a reason other than "I want to change the journal already", so please read this!! Y'see, I dunno, I just haven't been very productive lately and I just wanted to write a journal to explain why just to inform my watchers that I'm not dead. :XD:

Well, the thing is, I've been EXTREMELY busy over the past few weeks: family problems, especially with the shutdown of the government (that proves our politicians are crazy!!), I've had frikkin school (we haven't been out other than weekends since Labor Day!), my computer is CONSTANTLY f*cking up with me (it freezes up when I click on something, erases all of my memory upon shutting it down temporarily, etc.), and I've been on and off with being sick.

So yeah, just to inform some people that I'm not dead, just extremely busy with, :shrug: So, for the next few days or weeks maybe, don't expect me to be uploading things all the time or replying to every message I get the second it appears like I use to, but I'll try my best to get more done on here.

Alright, for now, see ya later!! :XD:


Spotty of RiverClan
United States
Hi, peoplez! 'Sup? My name is Spotty, and welcome to my DA page! Wow, that sounded cheezy. Anyways, I use to be SpottyofRiverClan, Spotty0, and too many other past accounts to name.

Alright, see y'all later! BTW, I luv to RP (usually with WC), so feel free to ask!


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